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fozzie33 in chicago_el

New reminders

I guess to go along with the Pink Line, they've changed up some of the recordings... Just "smoking, eating, and littering" are prohibited, while we're asked be considerate of other passengers when talking on our phones or "using electronic devices." (Does that sound at all a bit dirty to anyone else?) What about gambling? Mr. CTA Voice doesn't mention it. Also, vandalism is apparently a threat to our safety, along with unattended packages and the ever-popular "someone actingly suspiciously." And I think this is the first time I've heard the "please keep your belongings off the seat next to you" on the train.

They also had him change North/Clybourn: it was Cly-burn and it's now Cly-born.

Oh, the whole "...and State" downtown on the Red line is a little weird to hear.


Gambling is mentioned, and is prohibited along with soliciting...
Ahh... OK. I must not have heard that one.
Well I suppose 'talking on our phones or "using electronic devices."', is probably more matching with the times(and generic) than "radio playing".
The Brown Line also had some changes: he now says "Chicago and Franklin is next" rather than "Chicago is next." They're also announcing the run numbers more frequently.

The new announcements seem somewhat of a hackjob... you can tell where the old ones were spliced onto the new ones.
Actually, I've wondered why they _didn't_ name the cross streets in the past. Check out how many "Western" stops there are on the system. (5! Three of them are on one line!)

Now they just need to make the cross streets part of the actual station name.
hm -- i definitely heard "radio playing" tonight on the bus, and i've heard the thing about keeping your stuff off the other seats for at least a few months now.
The bus recordings probably weren't affected.. they had to make changes to the el recordings to announce transfers to the pink line..
Yay! No more CLYBURN!

That's the best news I've heard from the CTA in a long time.
I've been seeing the shell game a lot more on the trains lately.

Which cup is the ball under? NONE OF THEM. At least when the bets get big.

i saw those guys get arrested the other day. it was funny.
on the blue line into work today, it was all about the cross streets (and they're mostly milwaukee... ie "Western and Milwaukee is next", "Damen and Milwaukee is next", "Division and Milwaukee is next"). weird.
Yeah, that sort of weirded me out this morning. I didn't realize there were any new recordings that didn't directly have to do with the Pink Line.
I must say, the Voice of the CTA would be a lot more entertaining if it were British.

People would miss their stops until they got used to it... they'd go all glassy eyed and drool a lot, trying to figure out, why is there a little British man in the speaker?
"Mind the gap"?
so is the announcement of cross-streets only for streets that have multiple stops -- such as western, chicago, division, damen, etc?
I will miss Grand the most.
I have to say, I am a fan of the guy who makes those CTA recordings, they make me feel so comfortable.