Fozzie (fozzie33) wrote in chicago_el,

New reminders

I guess to go along with the Pink Line, they've changed up some of the recordings... Just "smoking, eating, and littering" are prohibited, while we're asked be considerate of other passengers when talking on our phones or "using electronic devices." (Does that sound at all a bit dirty to anyone else?) What about gambling? Mr. CTA Voice doesn't mention it. Also, vandalism is apparently a threat to our safety, along with unattended packages and the ever-popular "someone actingly suspiciously." And I think this is the first time I've heard the "please keep your belongings off the seat next to you" on the train.

They also had him change North/Clybourn: it was Cly-burn and it's now Cly-born.

Oh, the whole "...and State" downtown on the Red line is a little weird to hear.

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