casey (casey98) wrote in chicago_el,

New maps on trains

Yesterday morning while riding the red and purple lines I noticed that the maps above the doors had been replaced to reflect the new pink line route. However, they also changed a part that has really tossed me for a loop, although it really shouldn't have - instead of the dashed lines meaning subway, the dashed lines now indicate rush hour routes.

This has sort of made me inordinately cranky. I liked knowing when and where I was going underground and coming back up again. Bah. And considering this really only affected two lines (purple and pink), why? Couldn't they have simply noted, as they did with the last, that the purple line runs during rush hours downtown?

And the pink line - it doesn't even look like special rush hour service, other than another set of trains serving the same stops as before.

Getting off my cranky box now...

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