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eleemosynarius in chicago_el

bikes ride free!!

I've noticed "Bikes Ride Free on the CTA!" signs up on some buses and trains lately. The signs say that bikes can go on trains except during rush hour (for obvious reasons) and on July 3rd. What's up with that? Too many fireworks?

Not that I have a bike to even take on the train...but I was just wondering.


They often ban bikes on trains on days where there is some event going on and the trains will basically be like rush hour all day long.

There must be some parade, or huge fireworks show july3rd which they anticipate will clog the trains.
That makes sense. I think there's some huge fireworks thing with Taste of Chicago.

I wish they would ban the people who were setting off fireworks in the alley outside my apartment last night.
The main fireworks display for the city are on the 3rd, in Grant Park
Chicago's official 4th of July celebration is the 3rd. It's Taste of Chicago and the mass flood of people to downtown and pretty much anywhere along the lake is worse than rush hour. Trains will all be giant sardine cans. You should get a bike to spare you the clausterphobia.
bike-getting is definitely on my list of things to do.
July 3rd is the highest volume of ridership all year.
I second the awesomeness. I took the bus away from downtown last year, and the buses were lined up and ready to go.
I work at the Taste of Chicago for a Chinese restaurant, and watching the mass exodus of people right after the fireworks is kinda frightening
july 3rd... *cringe*