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radklif_kh in chicago_el

i can't remember when this idea was originally brought up, but i've got an observation:

one of my friends got cell phone reception all the way from the uic-halsted blue line stop to jackson (where we transferred to red and she lost reception in the underground transfer). she had all of her bars and the connection was clear. her provider is us cellular. my sprint phone did not have reception, neither did our other friend's t mobile phone.

anyone else experience this?


aha! thanks. :)
It would have been nice if they started with decent companies and worked down, rather than starting with craptastic US Cellular and working up...
it's probably cheaper to start with a small, regional company then work up, unfortunately. start small, see how it goes, work from there... you know?

this is pretty awesome, i'm pumped for when it gets hooked up with t-mobile.
Well... That's pretty debatable... I've had awesome service and perfect reception from US Cellular since they bought out PrimeCo. Meanwhile, all my friends have jumped from company to company, constantly complaining about poor customer service and dropped calls.

That's all I'm saying on the matter, I don't wanna start a debate er nuthin'.
I've never gotten far enough with them to evaluate their signal -- their plans never impressed me (especially their national and data plans, which are what I use) and their phone selection seems pretty dated.

But yeah, not debating, just letting you know where I'm coming from.
I have a pretty kickass plan with them, I have more than enough anytime minutes and free incoming calls with no roaming. My signal has never dropped out on me either. Too bad my plan isnt available anymore-I've had them for 2.5 years by now. The only complaint I have is they need better phones!
I've had nothing but perfect service and signal from US Cellular. Everyone I know complains about their providers, and are constantly switching. I've been with US Cellular for almost 4 years now
You are just FULL of useful information!
randomly at times i get cingular reception at the roosevelt red line stop. after you take the stairs down, make a quick u-turn to your right and there's a small radius where i've gotten full bars before and had a conversation for 5-10 minutes. it's a little freaky.
I just made a post about this not seeing this initial entry...I have US Cellular and yesterday was surprised to find out that my phone had a full signal down below!! It was pretty awesome.
funny that we both noticed it so quickly.

mind if i friend you?
sure thang!