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Nude man on the Sheridan platform


"Continuing with "Crazies Week" here at CTA Tattler, I give you the whole story of the nude man on the Sheridan platform, which was told here on Monday via comments to this post.

The story begins on the Red Line headed south on a Monday morning. Bleary-eyes commuters are still trying to wipe sleep out of their eyes when a guy begins yelling and screaming, and tearing up money.

Yes, tearing up money. (Don't you wish you had enough money to tear some up?)

Soon, tearing up money wasn't enough. So he began tearing off his clothes. On the train.

Next thing you know, the train is rolling to a stop at Sheridan, and crazed tear-up/off man leaves the train.


Anyone else have any further details?"
Tags: holy crap, nude, omg, that dude is nude

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