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is me

daland in chicago_el

A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To The (Craigslist) Forum.

I saw you on the/in the/at

a)brown line
c)mathrock show at the elbo room

you were
a)writing in your journal
b)dumping your boyfriend
c)reading bukowski
d)rolling a cigarette

i wanted to talk to you but i was
a) listening to this Moldy Peaches song and couldn't bear to pause it
b) too shy
c) wiping a fingerprint off my cool thrift-store aviator sunglasses
d) violating an Order of Protection as it was, no sense getting arrested

you were wearing
a) i was too distracted by your heavenly fauxhawk to notice minor details like clothing
b) an old Van Halen t-shirt and backpack with "your heart is xtypicalx" written on it in sharpie
c) the western shirt i just sold to the thrift shop last week, it's totally a sign
d) the green high heels and leg-warmers under your corduroy skirt

message me back so we can
a) go to filter and complain how bucktown is getting filled with yuppies
b) maybe get some miller high life and see my roommate's noise band
c) take artsy blurred photographs of each other
d) swap iTunes, bodily fluids


Oh, the ironing is delicious.
heh, it's kinda like MadLibs for Craigslist!
That was awesome.
you totally deserve a job at a limo company for this.
a, d, b, a, d.

d, c, b, a, d.... Brilliant!