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cataplum in chicago_el

Anagram Map

The anagrammed transit map phenomenon has been bouncing around BoingBoing for a few weeks now, but as of yet only a few Metra lines were represented. So, my roommate and I did something about it.

Chicago Transit Authority system map, anagrammed

Any suggestions for improvement are welcome.


Owl Sin
(frat backs her porn)
A Monk Has Cancer


This is great. I'm printing it out and sharing it with my co-workers. They'll die.
Baw-haw-haw! This is awesome. When I used to live in the Old Town/Gold Coast vicinity, I think I found some Viral Dick Lons in the subway. It probably arrived from an earlier connection to Ear Ho'. She best stay away from that 63 red bras, natch!
I'm going to save this right away before the CTA nastygrams you with a Cease & Desist letter.

Because, after all, someone might see this map, think it's real, and ask someone where "Tush Troop" is. Mayhem might ensue.

Also, wouldn't "Lend Torah" be a more likely stop for the Yellow Line? I kid, I kid.

I just realized that "Skokie" can be anagrammed to "O Kikes".

I shouldn't snicker. It's really not funny. Stupid anagrams!
We struggled with whether to use that, and in the end decided that anagrams are about fun, not risking insult. As for Thorndale, there is a synagogue a few blocks from the station, so the name we chose is pretty appropriate.


um, why would you have to struggle? would it have been acceptable for a less white minority group?
I think the idea is that "kike" is an anti-Semitic slur, and Skokie is traditionally a very Jewish neighborhood, so the combination of them would be witty at first, but inexcusably offensive. There's no need to read anything else into it, as far as I can tell.
Well, no. The struggle wasn't over whether it was appropriate to insult Jews (and for what it's worth, I am Jewish). The struggle was the balance between humor and sensitivity, and we decided the latter was more important.
Okies, k?

Shades of The Grapes Of Wrath.
It should of course be passed along to boingboing as well.
Yes, please, link away (and mirror, in anticipation of the nastygram!). And I submitted the one on my roommate's page to BB.
I actually kinda hope you DO get nastygrammed. It'll make for even more interesting posts (and crabbing about what the CTA's legal team spends its money on).
I suppose. But to paraphrase what Jon Stewart said on Larry King Live last night (according to RedEye, at least), I'd rather the world be a better place than profit by complaining about it.
This is clear first amendment-protected parody/satire. You're fully protected. If you or your webhost get a DMCA [this is really the only legal recourse the CTA has unless you are distributing it on paper], let me know and I will help you write a DMCA counter noification.
Thanks! As it turns out, the nastygrams so far have been in London and Toronto, and from what I understand, English law (and I would guess Canadian too) is lightyears more generous toward plaintiffs in libel cases than here. Yay first amendment!

What exactly is a DMCA counter notification? I've already had a completely undeserved DMCA run-in, which was a farce of a half-assed, guilty-until-proven-innocent lob by my alma mater's dean of students' office. At least this time, they can't threaten me with suspension!
A counter notification basically is submitted to the ISP and says "Look, these people are wrong, I am not in violation of the DMCA, [insert reasons here] please forward all correspondence to me and I will deal with it."

There are a couple of points you have to hit but they're easy to create. I technically qualify as an ISP, so I've dealt with tons of DMCA and DMCA-counter issues.


CTA reaction

Got me lots of friends who work for CTA, and I'm sure all of them would be entertained by this and would be encouraged to see the system being "owned" by young hip talented Chicagoans (like yourself :-)
Not sure why you think the CTA would have any problem with this . . .
Hope I'm not taking all the fun out here.

Re: CTA reaction

One would hope that all transit authorities would have a good sense of humor, recognize this sort of creativity as a form of homage, and even sense a good PR opportunity. However, Toronto and London (which, incidentally, are two countries with libel laws more favorable to the "harmed") both reacted virulently when anagrams of their own systems were released by equally well-meaning transit fans: straight from one horse's mouth.
  1. You are awesome.
  2. By the time the CTA actually figured out how to send us a nastygram — our boingboing posting -> my and Jesse's LiveJournal posts -> the image hosted by Comcast -> my parents' cable Internet account back in suburban San Francisco ... — this dead horse would be glue, anyway. I'm more curious just to see if I exceed Comcast's bandwidth SLA.
"I foil a narc"... so true!

Fucking awesome.

Not judging by all the sirens I hear at the Facial Iron stop!
Non-Clit would have been so much funnier for "Clinton". ;) this is awesome, though.
This is great! I want to give one to a friend, have them act like a tourist and ask for help with it. "Wrigley's off Soda Din, right??"
You forgot to make the compass rose read 'thorn'
Touché. Corrected.