December 29th, 2014

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Holiday Trains on the Yellow Line. Yes, Holiday Trains. Plural

Originally posted by me at my personal Livejournal. Reposted here for old times' sake.

I don't think I've ever written about Chicago 'L' system's Holiday Train on this blog - though I did put together a photo set about it a couple of years ago. To try to make a long story short, the idea is charming in its whimsy and relative simplicity. Every year, between Thanksgiving and New Years Eve, the Chicago Transit Authority runs a special train decorated with Christmas stuff, filled with whimsical Christmas-themed 'ads' and with a special platform-like car with Santa's sleigh. The train takes turn riding different lines on different days. It's a delight to kids, and, to be honest, I've seen plenty of work-weary commuters' eyes light up when see a Holiday Train pulling up to their station.

This year, I didn't really get a chance to get a Holiday Train. The closest I got was seeing the Holiday Train going in the opposite direction on Saturday, December 20, when I was taking the Red Line north.

Southbound Holiday train at Argyle 'L' station

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