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Mr. Fengi

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Give us more cash and we'll do even less.

NOTE: This plan is still unfunded and in the planning stages - so there is time to submit your objections. Here's the information on meetings and contacts.

So the CTA made a big deal of presenting plans which would spend billions that they don't have on an "upgrade" of the Red and Purple lines (read flashy building projects of dubious necessity) which would result in stations being closed. Yes, the latest brilliant vision of the CTA involves spending huge amounts of money to take away service. The only good part is that at this point it's purely wishful thinking on the CTA's part.

Problem is these little flights of fancy by the CTA aren't free. These proposals take time and money, and chasing grant money for them instead takes resources away from more pressing projects.

Here's a thought: direct all fund-raising to maintaining the entire existing system and even restoring or increasing it in under-served areas. Instead of another overpriced superstation in Evanston, why not fix the growing number of broken escalators all over, or add another 24 hour bus lines on the south side?

I understand the system is set up to award funds to defined new projects rather than general upkeep, but partially because groups like CTA keep supporting such a focus. Those with power seem to prefer big projects with high profile goals as if reliable long term service at a stable price isn't a worthy achievement. Except for the part where the CTA hasn't gone more than a year or two without a doomsday crisis in a decade, let alone provided decent service every day.


I just about raged out when I heard this news. Especially since all of the stops in lakeview that are literally a block away from eachother are being kept.
I didn't realize it was Jarvis, Thorndale and Lawrence being considered. Most of the coverage only mentions the plan which closes Jarvis - but there are multiple versions of the plans being considered.